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EM - The sources
The five tracks of EM are derived from the manipulation and clarification of signals and noises detected as AM radiowaves.
On this page you can find, track by track, the original material that gave birth to the EM audio project.

-->To listen to the EM tracks please go to the Robotopera site.
1. 342 kHz - Apr, 12, 2003 became "Punti, Linee" and "Punti, Linee (hi layer version)", 7.1 MB

2. 12760 kHz - Jan, 5, 2004 became "Field", 7 MB

3. 24762 kHz - Feb, 7, 2003 became "Lied", 12.5 MB

4. 359 kHz - Mar, 4, 2005 became" Memory", 7.1 MB

For further freely downloadable works, please refer to the news page