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released by Robotopera

The EM project is based on a selection of electromagnetic soundscapes, obtained by recording an AM radio output in different moments of the day at different frequencies. The recordings are afterwards manipulated in order to enhance their intrinsic musicality, without altering the source with
new added material or cut-and-paste operations.Radio beacons, electromagnetic field of electric machines, communication codes and interval signals are some of the sources I try to reveal to listeners as hidden chants of machines, that developing on a different speeds than ours, touches us, hug us, in a way, and go through us without caring, without letting us know their invisible presence.

"Robotopera presents ssim-el's "EM"... a collection of stereo-wide ventures through sterile environments and mesmerizing tone structures. EM is presented across 5 tracks and offers a very dramatic experiencefor solo listeners."

--> Link to the radiowaves recordings that acted as sources for the EM tracks.


july 7 2005 remix
in Post Piano_2 Open Remix Project

released by 12k/Term

"Term is pleased to present a selection of recordings from the Post_Piano 2 Open Remix Project. The PP2_ORP was conceived as a logical continuation of Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner’s recent open source CD, post_piano 2. Just as post_piano 2 was based entirely on Kirschner’s piano sketch November 11, 2003, contributors to the PP2_ORP were invited to follow the same process that Deupree & Kirschner used on their CD by taking Kirschner’s sketch and using it as raw material for new compositions."



in Breaking the barrier 1995-2005, ten years of Afe

released by Afe Records

"Last 21st September 2005 was Afe's 10th birthday! Incredible how time flies... I remember the day I went to a local shop to have the inserts of afe001ltd photocopied, and it seems just like yesterday. I was 25 then and I didn't think that Afe could become so important in my life."

A huuuge and "in progress" compilation to celebrate the first ten years of militant experimental sound for this italian label.